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              '82 @ 34


       ’48 FEELING IN A 98



Gun barrel blue fading cover

marred vertical hash mark

black versus white

real worth defined

when reading is sufficient

but defined to all

it will not work


It works and all will not

but I cannot live without you

are part of all

fuck the rest


38 ain’t a chest size but a bore

for a backdoor newcomer

to the southern slow

northern flash is but lighting

to short circuit intellect

you must be plumbed   felt

left and cried with 


Here we must be for

I could not do it

on my own I know

I need help here

we are far into psychosis

where another person

still loving but the serenity


It exists never looked for

well in the midst smile

and laugh any other way

dies quickly


Goodnight sylph

goodbye all you one

and new wave beats

belly juice to flowing

one time good one fades

to shadow of self

and creeping real

finds definition in dollars 


98 take me break me loose

from making it shaking free

soaped reality prevails

and we will fail the rest

that went before breathing

for the moment and future

be damned to extinction

without our help even

it tells us to end

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