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The Epicurean Beachcomber


                                     Those make all things i'th World ebb, and flow;
                                         According as the moving Atomes go.

                                                                           - Margaret (Lucas) Cavendish



I’ve walked round the world on this beach

Feet keeping beat with the waves - major discoveries made

the walk began rambunctious skipping

jumping castles chasing ghosts to their holes


Exploration exposed shells  some inhabited – some not

Some plundered kept as marvels of creation

On the bedside table their Fibonacci essence seduced me

And I rode their spirals to dreams


Pockets fat with shells major discoveries came less

The shells more broken the further the walk

Stability fading I moved up the beach to softer sand

My footprints now less distinct


Pockets fat with shells my walk continued

High up the beach in this looser sand

My gait slowed to no skipping or jumping

Running neither to nor from – just walking


Peripatetic up and now over the dune

Offers no refuge from sound

Of waves calling me back to the beach

and I can’t stand here all day


Pockets leaking I must be going

perhaps by sand both soft and hard

to scud my feet through eternal water

leaving transient footprints toward

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