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harvest time    all sown reaped

under tents    made ready for the Fair

and fevered dreams under sticky sheets

first of snow then wet heat

lead to its midway

between the bumping cars and strip joints

to find the freaks again this year


outsized feet    vestigial arms

rubber skin    three eyes

two noses    a bearded female

and the human block

a ten penny nail to the skull

and it is done


dreams did not lead for this end

but to pay an extra admission

and in my turn inspect them


      perched naked

      under hood and robe

on a three legged stool

now standing


my dream drops their robe

proving a möbius strip


quickly shunted

to sunlight from must

by a voice touching

the speed of sound

my dream remains

hiding their face


how will I know

when I leave this place

how will I know

when they pass me by

who of them threads

their own needle’s eye

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